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The US Ruler

Do you have trouble communicating metric sizes to Americans? Then this tool is for you!

2024-06-01 00:50:27 - category: funny - permalink
3D GIFs by Dave Sutton

A wonderful, free-to-use collection of modern-resolution 3D animations that retain the GeoCities-like charm of yore.

2024-05-22 17:05:58 - category: art - permalink
Mike's Digital Pog Page

Maybe we should bring these back along with 88x31 web buttons.

2024-05-01 09:39:22 - category: art - permalink
Tom's Toys

A collection of web toys, games, tools and experiments.

2024-02-16 23:51:54 - category: games - permalink

A website maintained since the mid 2000s dedicated to the Mini-ITX form-factor of motherboards and projects which fit entire computers into all manners of repurposed cases.

2024-01-28 01:45:16 - category: tech - permalink

PlasMa is a computing machine simulator built as an homage to mainframe computers from the early 1970's with the aim to rekindle the hands-on 'lights and switches magic' from that era, and explore the challenges of programming a machine from scratch.

2024-01-01 16:36:47 - category: tech - permalink

An indexing search engine harking back to the early days of the Web. Make sure to go in the settings and disable the display of HTTPS sites to find some real gems!

2023-11-14 21:42:38 - category: web - permalink
Museum of Obsolete Media

A unique online museum of physical media formats showcasing developments in audio, video, film and data storage.

2023-10-27 21:57:56 - category: retro - permalink
Internet Artifacts

An online museum of artifacts from the early internet, including the first spam email, first MP3, first livestream, and dozens of notable early websites with a working browser and Flash emulation.

2023-10-25 21:22:30 - category: retro - permalink
Ed Astris Scientia

An unofficial website dedicated to the Star Trek science fiction franchise focusing on the starships and future technology, as well as on the discussion of artistic, political, social and philosophical aspects of the series.

2023-10-19 22:17:16 - category: media - permalink
Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group

This site contains several years of research in the classification of occlupanids. These small objects are everywhere, dotting supermarket aisles and sidewalks with an impressive array of form and color.

2023-09-16 02:58:04 - category: science - permalink
Broken Circus' GIF Resource

Another great page with graphical resources for yesteryear webpage building, including a couple of archived CD collections and external links for more.

2023-09-11 16:33:57 - category: web - permalink
Free Web Graphics

A collection of resource links by web host SiteRightNow. Not all links work anymore, but the ones that do can be quite useful for building a webpage.

2023-09-11 00:55:43 - category: web - permalink

A website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.

2023-07-28 23:11:47 - category: art - permalink
The Old Robots

A collection of robots and robot pictures from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. If you are interested in robot history, this collection of the First Wave Of Robotics is for you.

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